Point of Care CNA Charting for Long Term Care

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CNAs who provide home health care also need accurate and detailed charts to document the patient’s condition. It’s not difficult to create these charts but the process must be documented correctly to avoid malpractice lawsuits. Nurses and other healthcare professionals must use point-of-care CNA charting software to capture all of the critical information about each … Read more

Point of Care CNA Charting: How do I navigate in PointClickCare?

Point of Care CNA

The Point of Care CNA app is a web-based application that manages engagements among patients, health care agencies, and providers. With its easy-to-use navigation, the system makes it possible for healthcare professionals to access information and perform their duties more effectively. After logging into the system, users can explore the various features of the system … Read more

The Clinical Benefits of Real-time Charting at the Point of Care

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Real-time charting at the point of care has many advantages for health care professionals. It provides a complete picture of a patient’s illness and history, helping clinicians make the best decisions possible. It also provides an enhanced patient experience by eliminating the need for duplicate documentation. As more health care professionals adopt this technology, it … Read more

Point of Care Cna Portal Easy to Find Official Portal

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The Point Of Care CNA Portal is an online resource for nurses and home care agencies. Its main objective is to help healthcare providers and caregivers manage patient records, send emails and schedule future visits. The Point of Care CNA Login portal allows health professionals to access patient information and documents easily and effectively. The … Read more