How online courses have supported the students and provided them with an incentive to be more curious about their studies

There has been a significant increase in the market in the form of demand for online courses by both students and teachers alike. These courses have provided students with a lot of opportunities thereby ensuring that they have been provided with better knowledge and exposure regarding certain subjects. There have also been educational institutions who … Read more

What are the Benefits of Using Videos in Education?

In the last few years, the development in technology has brought some major changes in the field of education; earlier the conventional ways of education like teaching in the classroom and learning from books were considered the only ways of teaching and learning. However, as online education came various ways of teaching-learning are being used … Read more

What Happened to Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary

The Urban Dictionary home page features a backward-running list of its Word of the Day. This list evokes social scenes by referencing inside jokes and the witty asides of various subcultures. In addition to the witty Word of the Day, the website also catalogs other interesting words. Its home page is a fun and informative … Read more

Class 12th chemistry NCERT solutions – helping students with clear conceptual grasping

Ncert class 12th chemistry is a crucial subject. Students to enter the best engineering colleges and universities must attain a deep understanding of the subject. NCERT chemistry class 12 solutions book servers are the best way for hassle-free exam preparation. Students are provided with the information and solutions that can make the process of learning and grasping … Read more

What is the IAS Syllabus for the Prelims Exam?

UPSC conducts the IAS exam in two phases. The first step in IAS preparation is knowing the right syllabus. The prelims phase has two papers – Paper I – General Studies Paper II – CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) Both papers are conducted on the same day in two different shifts. The UPSC exam syllabus … Read more