Point Of Care CNA: Feature & Benefits Of POC CNA Login

Point Of Care CNA

A Point of Care CNA (point-of-care computerized nursing assistant) is a software system that organizes patient data in an electronic format. Electronic health records enable easy generation and distribution of reports and records. This software is cloud-based, making it accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. The system makes it easy to document activities … Read more

Why should you hire a wealth management firm?

In the past two decades, wealth management activity has increased rapidly. Whether you consider a bank or an independent firm, the returns on this activity vary accordingly. Moreover, wealth management has become a massive part of Australia’s financial system, and this era of uncertainty necessitates every individual to look after their wealth properly. When money … Read more

Smart Square Mercy Com – User Account


Smart Square Mercy is an online medical calendar that enables users to manage and schedule appointments. Its user-friendly interface allows staff to manage their schedules, as well as patients’ appointments. The Smart-Square Mercy login portal allows the physician to see which patients are coming in for a specific time. It also allows the doctor to … Read more

Point of Care CNA Charting: The Importance of CNAs in Long Term Care


Charting is an important process in long-term care facilities. It is a requirement for all staff to document daily services. The importance of proper documentation cannot be stressed enough. This documentation is the basis for quality care and patient safety. When a facility does not have a good charting system, it is difficult for staff … Read more

Point of Care CNA Charting for Long Term Care

Point of Care

CNAs who provide home health care also need accurate and detailed charts to document the patient’s condition. It’s not difficult to create these charts but the process must be documented correctly to avoid malpractice lawsuits. Nurses and other healthcare professionals must use point-of-care CNA charting software to capture all of the critical information about each … Read more