10 Deadliest Computer Viruses of All Time

The increasing use of technology has created new challenges for companies and businesses. IT experts and cybersecurity professionals are coming up with new ways to prevent cybersecurity threats. Tech users are bound to come across computer viruses at some point. For instance, if you see an unknown software along with your internet installation package, call Spectrum if … Read more

Making a Successful Subscription for Your Brand

Subscription services have been around for decades, but the last few years saw a boom in the number of offers out there. The primary reason is that today’s consumers are more focused on price and discounts than ever. Future of eCommerce The future of commerce is subscription-based. According to Insider Intelligence, US eCommerce sales are … Read more

Convolutional Neural Network tutorials (CNN) – Developing an image classifier In Python using Tensor Flow

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), like neural networks, is created up of neurons with learnable values and predispositions. Each neuron obtains numerous inputs, takes a weighted sum over them, enacts it through an activation process, and concedes with an output. The whole network has a loss purpose and all the tips and tricks that we formulated … Read more

4 Reasons Businesses Should Invest In New Technology

Technology is becoming essential to all spheres in the corporate landscape, be it public or private, because of its rapid growth. To run a business successfully, officials and leaders need to be aware of all the technological innovations happening around them within all fields, from the internet of things (IoT) and renewable energy to artificial … Read more

A Talented Search Engine Optimization Virtual Assistant in Indiana can Give You the Edge

Finding the right search engine optimization (SEO) professional is not easy especially when you have to balance cost and returns. If your webpage doesn’t appear on the first search engine ranking page when someone searches a keyword you are targeting, the return is as good as zero. However, it takes a little time to get … Read more

How to Live in Halfway Houses in New Hampshire in the Most Productive Way?

Halfway house is a place where people recovering from an addiction or addicts with criminal records live for a certain time period to learn or relearn skills needed to return to society in a sober manner.  Reputable halfway houses in New Hampshire provide medical, physical, mental, social, and educational benefits to a recovering addict or … Read more