The Profile of Excellence Dr. David J. Sugarbaker

Dr. David

Dr. Sugarbaker studied philosophy at Wheaton College in Illinois before going to medical school at Cornell University in NYC. He later became interested in metaphysics and also developed a method for performing intraoperative heated chemotherapy. He also conducted clinical trials to establish intraoperative chemotherapies. In later years, his research focused on improving drugs for the … Read more

Five Facts About Flowers That Will Leave You Awestruck

Flowers introduced us with their charming beauty and enticing aroma. But some of these exceptional ‘gifts of nature’ possess unbelievable things that are unknown to many of us. In this article, we have discussed some unusual facts about flowers, which we see regularly. Everyone knows that flowers are used to decorate homes. However, the flowers … Read more

Top Tips to Tow a Car withanother Car

Experts generally agree that towing a car with a truck or a lift/trailer combination is better than any other method, but not everyone has access to these types of heavy equipment. You may be in a remote area where it’s difficult to reach such services. Sometimes you have to improvise and you may wonder can … Read more