Oacian: Something You Need To Know


The Oacian is the largest body of water on Earth. It covers almost three-fourths of the planet’s surface and is divided into five main areas. Oceans are home to life of all kinds, from microscopic plants and bacteria to huge mammals such as blue whales. Oceans also have a large effect on climate, weather patterns, … Read more

Advantages of Protests Myanmar NetBlocksFingasenGadget

Protests Myanmar NetBlocksFingasenGadget

The military-backed government in Protests Myanmar NetBlocksFingasenGadget is trying to limit protests by restricting internet access. According to the NetBlocks Observatory, connectivity has dropped to 16% of normal levels. But despite the restrictions, protests are still taking place. Here are some advantages to the movement. These include increased awareness, support, accountability and pressure on the … Read more