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When a freak hurricane strikes Los Angeles, it tosses Sharksnado into the city. Professional surfer Fin Shepard teams up with friends Baz Hogan and Nova Clarke to rescue his wife April and teenage daughter Claudia before the floodwaters destroy everything they own.

But the hordes of hungry sharks aren’t the only thing that threaten them!

Natural Phenomenon

A sharksnado is a natural phenomenon that occurs when a hurricane scoops up fish and other creatures and deposits them on land. It has been document in several places, and is consider a weather hazard in the deep South.

In Sharknado, Fin and his friends fight the storm by tossing bombs into it from helicopters. However, they are unable to stop two sharknados, and the third one destroys two of the group’s cars.

In the fourth film, a group called Astro Pods attempt to stop sharknadoes by using a network of laser weapons and pulse effects. However, they are unable to stop the sand tornadoes because their technology is focused on ending water based storms.

What are the Characters in Sharknado?

Sharknado is a cult movie that took the Internet by storm in 2013. It was an instant syfy hit and has since spawned five sequels.

Sharksnado is a crazy and over the top movie, with all sorts of crazy things happening. They go to space, flaming sharknados, electric and nuclear sharknados, shark gods, a character turned into a cyborg, and more.

It is also a very silly movie. It’s almost impossible to make sense of some of it, but it is still a lot of fun.

Fin (Ian Ziering) is the bar owner who goes with his friends Baz, Nova and George to rescue April and their teenage daughter from a hurricane that rips up the city. They are a little slow to pick up on the tornado warning, but they eventually do, and head to April’s house in the middle of the cyclone.

Fin’s ex-wife and her boyfriend, who has a dog, are not happy that he is out on the road at such an inappropriate time. But he just wants to save the people he cares about.

What are the Sharks in Sharknado?

Sharks are the primary antagonists of the 2013 Syfy original movie sharksnado. The film is based on a cyclone that brings man-eating sharks to Los Angeles.

The sharks in sharksnado consist of great white sharks and hammerhead sharks. They are lifted by waterspouts and drop onto the city of Los Angeles, killing a lot of people as they go.

They are also seen in the sequel, where they wreak havoc on New York City.

As with most Syfy original movies, the sharks in sharksnado are made using CGI graphics.

This makes it more over the top and also cartoonish than the first film. The series has been a six-part franchise and includes everything from flaming, electrified and also nuclear sharknados to a shark god to a cyborg who turns into a shark!

What is the Ending of Sharknado?

Sharknado is a campy Syfy disaster movie that became a pop culture phenomenon. It’s probably the most famous Syfy brand film in history, and also it spawned five sequels, one mockumentary, and even a spinoff.

In the first movie, a freak cyclone hits Los Angeles and also floods the city with shark-infested water. Fin and his friends try to save April (Tara Reid) and their daughter Claudia, who lives in the house on the beach where they have a bar.

But when the storm hits, they are trap and can’t get out. Fin calls on his estranged father, NASA Colonel Gil (David Hasselhoff), to help him defeat the sharknados.

When Gil fails, Fin uses a capacitor built into his flight insignia to travel back through time to 2013. In 2013, he lands on Captain Santiago’s ship right as the true first sharknado forms.

Final Words:

However, Robot April arrives in the future to use her clones to force Fin and Skye to remain together. In an attempt to stop her, Fin tries to activate the head of April that is riding inside of the shark’s mouth, but this destroys her future self and resets the timeline so none of the sharknados ever happened.

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