Sddfcu Credit Union 2023 | Pros & Cons

sddfcu is a locally-owned financial institution that provides savings accounts, checking accounts, IRA accounts and certificates. It also offers members consumer loans, auto loans and credit cards.

The credit union has 43 branches located throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties. Membership is open to anyone living or working in Southern California.


Checking accounts are one of the most popular and widely held types of bank accounts. The name comes from the act of writing a check to transfer money, although these days there are many ways you can access your funds, including online and mobile banking as well as debit cards.

SDCCU offers checking account options that meet a variety of needs, including free, high-yield and more. In addition to offering checking, the credit union also provides mortgages and investments.

Not-for-Profit Financial Institution

SDCCU is a not-for-profit financial institution wholly owned and operated by its members. Its focus is on community and customer service. Its local branches serve the needs of a wide range of communities in and around San Diego County. Its products and services are geared toward the needs of its customers and their families.


SDCCU offers a variety of savings accounts. They feature surcharge-free Co-Op ATM usage, a debit card, direct deposit, Internet online account access and more.

In addition, money market and certificate accounts offer competitive rates and APYs. SDCCU also offers IRAs and tax-advantaged retirement investments.

Select Employer

Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Southern California. It also includes employees of Select Employer Groups and their immediate family members, and those who join the Financial Fitness Association for $8.

SDCCU money market deposit accounts earn a competitive APY starting at 0.03% and ranging up to 0.05%. However, you must have a minimum opening deposit of $100 to earn interest.


When it comes to investments, sddfcu offers savings accounts that come with a variety of features. These include free money orders and 24/7 account accessibility.

Retirement Plan or Mutual Fund

There are also options to invest in a retirement plan or mutual fund. These options offer competitive returns and can help you grow your money.

Moreover, sddfcu offers a number of mortgage options, including low-rate loans and fixed rates. They also provide financing for vacation, homes, second homes, and investment properties.


Sddfcu offers a range of loans, including signature, personal and share secured loans. These loan types are great for people who need a little extra money for whatever reason.

They have a wide range of rates and terms, with payments ranging from 5 to 30 years in fixed-rate categories. They also offer home equity loans at fixed and adjustable rates, and jumbo mortgages.

The credit union serves customers from San Diego, Riverside and Orange County, as well as individuals in Los Angeles. It is a non-profit lender that allows its members to get low-interest signature loans at their branch locations or through online banking.

Credit Cards

Credit cards from credit unions have often been the best choice for those looking to save on interest rates. They offer competitive rates that can often be a few percentage points lower than what national issuers charge.

The SDCCU Cash Rewards Visa Platinum card is a good example of a simple, no-frills credit card that offers 1% cash back on all purchases. The card also doesn’t come with an annual fee, which means it can be a great starter card for those who are new to cash back rewards programs or want to learn how to maximize them.

Final Words:

In addition to a low APR on all purchases and balance transfers, the SDCCU card comes with a 25-day grace period on all charges. This allows you to avoid interest charges on those purchases and pay them off completely if needed.

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