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Upsolver SQL SeriesWiggersVentureBeat is a powerful language that can be used in many different ways to power your business. In this series, Wiggers of Upsolver will be exploring SQL and how to use it in your data management pipelines to improve your analytics performance and increase efficiency. Upsolver is a streaming data platform that makes ingesting and managing streaming data easy, with an intuitive SQL interface for anyone with basic SQL knowledge.

Streaming Data

Streaming data requires processing, transforming, and also structuring data before it can be use for business intelligence or analytic use cases. Typically, organizations build streaming data solutions with an assembly line of open-source software and proprietary tools for message ingestion. Batch and also stream ETL, storage management and task orchestration. These systems typically require specialized engineers to deploy, tune and optimize to meet performance, operational overhead, and SLAs.

Low-Latency Data

Upsolver SQL SeriesWiggersVentureBeat solves these problems by introducing a modern platform that is fully integrate and self-service to transform streams into analytics-ready datasets. It ingests event data from source systems, supports stateful operations such as rolling aggregations, window functions. High-cardinality joins and UPSERTs, and delivers low-latency data to query engines and analytics systems for business intelligence. Predictive and real-time insights. Upsolver enables self-service agility with a simple-to-use interface that can be customize by users from a large set of templates. Or create from scratch to support specific use cases. Its unique data lake indexing ensures that queries return fresh data even as streams change over time.

Data Pipeline

Data pipelines are the foundation of a data management strategy, providing an essential link between your source system and the analytics and applications you use to make business decisions. They ingest, aggregate and transform data, and deliver it to your systems for analysis. This process falls into two categories: ETL, which extracts, loads and transforms data from a variety of sources; and ELT, which takes in, aggregates and executes transformations.

Ingests Streaming & Batch Data

Upsolver SQL SeriesWiggersVentureBeat, a company dedicated to making data in motion accessible to every data practitioner, has launched a SQL-based. Self-orchestrating platform that ingests streaming and batch data as events, combines them for up-to-the-minute analytics and delivers the freshest data to any data management system or query engine. Upsolver SQLake enables organizations to automate and manage their data pipelines at a ground-breaking price of $99 per TB ingested. With no charge for transformation processing. The service is available on AWS Marketplace and offers a 30-day free trial.

Data Management

Upsolver SQL SeriesWiggersVentureBeat enables data practitioners to easily ingest. Join and also enrich streaming and batch data, using regular SQL expressions. It ingests and also combines real-time events, supports stateful operations such as rolling aggregations, window functions and also UPSERTs, and also delivers up-to-the-minute data to query engines, data warehouses and analytics systems.

Storage and ETL

Upsolver is committe to making data in motion accessible to every data practitioner. Its cloud-native platform abstracts the complexity of data lake ingestion, storage and also ETL. It empowers data engineers and analysts to design continuous analytics-ready pipelines without the need for complex Spark/Hadoop jobs. Upsolver is already deploye at data-savvy companies like IronSource, Asurion and also Cox Automotive. Saving thousands of engineering hours while enabling rapid time-to-value.

Upsolver recently launched SQLake, a self-orchestrating, cloud-native data pipeline service that ingests and combines real-time data with batch data sources for up-to-the-minute analytics. It enables stateful operations such as LATEST. Which maintains the time relation between streams even when they come from different sources.


Upsolver SQL is an analytics-ready data pipeline platform that ingests and also combines real-time events with batch data sources for up-to-the-minute insight. It is a great choice for any business seeking to make sense of a complex and also often chaotic data lake or data warehouse, and also offers a free 30-day trial that will be enough time to get the hang of it.

Final Words:

Upsolver is a tight-knit group of data engineers and also infrastructure developers that are dedicate to making it as easy as possible for every data practitioner to deliver value from their data. They have embraced the SQL language. And also have rolled out an analytics-ready data pipeline platform to compete with the big boys. Their pricing is a cinch to understand and also has no limits on the number of pipelines in use, allowing for a predictable and transparent cost per TB ingested.

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