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Tiktok Friends DiscoverMalikTechCrunch is rolling out a new “Friends” tab in the app, allowing users to see content from their friends and followers. The feature is currently in a limited test with select users, but will likely become an official part of the app over time.

Testing a Repost

Aside from the Friends tab, Tiktok Friends DiscoverMalikTechCrunch is also testing a repost button that allows users to quickly re-share a video from their feeds as is. This is akin to Twitter’s retweet button, which lets users share a post from their feeds.

Short-Video Sharing Apps

TikTok, the king of short-video sharing apps, is stepping up its efforts to promote social connections between users. The company is testing a new “Friends” tab that showcases content from users you’ve interacted with on the app.

This new tab replaces the app’s “Discover” tab, and Tiktok Friends DiscoverMalikTechCrunch says it will roll out to more users over the next few weeks. The new feature will help users navigate through the content they’ve connected with on the platform, according to a blog post from TikTok.

The update also includes a creator crediting tool. This lets users tag and credit the original creator of trending dance moves, viral music, and memes.

TikTok Users

Traditionally, trends on TikTok often spread like wildfire without the original creator receiving credit. This new feature encourages users to tag and credit original creators, helping to foster more long-term relationships between TikTok users.

Competitors Instagram

The move reflects a stepping away from the traditional trending model that made TikTok so successful and takes it closer to competitors Instagram and Snapchat, which emphasize more social connection between users. While this change could keep TikTok’s audience engaged at a time when its gangbusters growth has cooled, it could lessen the app’s USP over the long term.

TikTok is replacing the app’s Discover tab with a new feature that lets you browse content from users you’ve connected with. It’s called “Friends,” and it’s rolling out to more users.

Interpersonal Social Experience

It’s an interesting move from the company because it suggests TikTok is moving toward a more interpersonal social experience on the platform. Instead of recommending videos based on viewing history or alternative algorithms, the Friends tab will try to find content from users that you’ve followed before and suggest that you follow them back.

While TikTok has always had a ’following’ content feed, this new feature is an attempt to go one step further. By putting your followers’ videos in a separate tab, it means you can see more of the type of content that you actually enjoy watching.

The change could have an impact on brands that use TikTok as a way to reach their target audiences. Previously, brands had the option to join trending hashtags on TikTok’s Discover page in order to have their video featured first.

Trending Content

Now, brands will have to work with influencers to create their own trending content on the platform. This is particularly important for brands looking to gain widespread exposure through UGC. Thankfully, TikTok has a handy weekly trends newsletter that can help brands stay on top of the latest hashtag trends.

TikTok is now testing a new feature called “Friends” that will show you videos created by friends of yours. The new feature is a welcome change for TikTok, which has been focusing on community building and encouraging users to follow each other’s accounts since the app launched in May.

Screenshot of the App

According to a screenshot of the app, when you click on the new tab, you’ll see a banner that says “watch your friends’ videos,” and you can then scroll through the content. The app will also suggest accounts from people you may know, and it displays a follow button next to each name.

Small Scale

The app has been testing the new feature on a small scale but it will be rolled out to more and more users by June. As with many of the updates TikTok has been making in recent months, this is a sign that TikTok is looking to expand its audience beyond just its stars and most viral content.

Final Words:

It will be interesting to see whether this new feature, which has already been rolled out slowly to some users, has a lasting effect on engagement and user retention. It could help TikTok keep its gangbusters growth in check, but it might also hurt its brand’s distinctiveness from Snapchat and Instagram.

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