The Life of SPC David Deweese

While in the military, I enlisted in the Legion of Merit. SPC a member of this organization, I was allowed to serve my country, community, and family. This was a wonderful experience, and I am grateful for the chance to have served my country. I also gained invaluable life experiences that I can use in my career.


SPC David Deweese earned many medals and awards for his service during his career. He was awarded two Silver Stars for gallantry in action. His actions during the Second World War also earned him a Purple Heart.

In 2010, SPC Deweese retired from the army. He moved to Florida after his retirement. Since then, he has been serving as a consultant to law enforcement agencies. He has also been working as a financial analyst for an economic solutions firm. SPC has also served as a member of the United Means organization. He is also active in community outreach programs. He has been a supporter of the United Way and the American Red Cross.

SPC Deweese is one of the longest serving soldiers in the United States Army. He spent over 20 years on active duty. In addition to his military career, SPC Deweese has also worked as a special forces soldier. During his time in the military, he was deployed twice to Iraq.

Military Service

During Spc Deweese’s military service, he earned multiple awards and medals for his actions. He also received two Silver Stars for gallantry in action. In addition, he earned a Navy Commendation Medal with a Combat “V” award.

He served in the United States Marine Corps from age seventeen until age twenty-four. He also served in the Georgia National Guard for six years. In 2007, he was released from active duty. Since then, he has been a member of SPC, serving as a Public Relations Specialist. His responsibilities include providing public connections and support to SPC members across the world. He will also work to help veterans find jobs after their military service.

He was a die-hard New York Yankees fan and enjoyed fishing, yard work and the outdoors. SPC was also a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church.

Legion of Merit

During his career as a military police officer, David Spc Deweese was awarded the Legion of Merit. This is a special degree that is awarded to veterans who have served in the armed forces.

When he entered the Marine Corps, he was 17 years old and was assigned to a Humvee. The Humvee is a four-wheel-drive vehicle that is designed to maneuver over rough terrain. During his service in the Middle East, he was assigned to a unit that was training Iraqi police officers.

Deweese received a number of medals for his outstanding service. He was also a recipient of the Purple Heart. After his time in the military, he decided to pursue a career in sports administration.

Spc Deweese joined the Marines at the age of 17. He served in the Gulf War and in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was assigned to the 701st Main Support Battalion, a part of the 2nd Brigade. SPC was also part of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps.

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Almost four decades ago, David Spc Deweese was drafted into the Marine Corps. His military career spanned over three decades, during which he earned several medals for his service.

The circumstances surrounding his death are still unclear. However, he is the second Marine to die in Iraq. He died while driving a Humvee, a four-wheel drive military vehicle that can traverse rough terrain.

Final Words:

He was married with two sons. He lived in Putnam County, West Virginia, and was a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church. SPC loved fishing, gardening, and watching the New York Yankees.

He was a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. SPC served in the Middle East, and received a number of awards for his service. He is also a member of the American Legion of Merit and the Legion of Honor. His family is devastated by his loss.

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