Mercy Smart Square: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re managing patients’ appointments or scheduling your shifts, Mercy smart square helps you keep track of everything in one place. You can also access patient records on the go, hide your IP address, and create a personalized dashboard for every member of your team.

Schedule Your Shifts

Using the Mercy Smart Square, you can create shifts for your employees in a matter of minutes. This tool is easy to use and has a wide range of features. You can access your data on your computer or mobile device.

This smart square software is highly recommended to health care professionals. It allows you to schedule your shifts for your employees, check their performance, manage appointments, and even add and delete clients from your hospital. The software is a great way to increase patient satisfaction. It is also useful for nursing and non-nursing departments.

Scheduling System

The most important part of the software is the scheduling system. The Smart Square app is designed for mobile devices and works well on most of them. It is also compatible with most PCs. You can access your schedule from anywhere.

Manage Patients Appointments

Whether you are a doctor, healthcare provider or a patient, Smart Square is a great app to use for managing appointments. The software is designed for use with a laptop, PC or mobile phone.

The program allows you to view and share patient information, schedule appointments, and add new clients to your list. The application is also easy to navigate and has a secure login system.

Schedule Emergencies

You can schedule emergencies, add patients to your hospital, and even remove them from the hospital. People can also modify the number of patients on your screen. You can also assign tasks to staff. You can even use the program to view the development of a patient.

The software is also capable of monitoring your staff schedules. This is especially important when you have a large number of patients in your facility. This will prevent you from having mismatched shifts. The software can also be used to post reminders to staff and patients.

Access Patient Records

Using the Smart Square Mercy Portal, employees can access the information they need about their patients on the go. This allows them to check their work status, manage their schedules, and communicate with their peers. This helps to build a healthy working environment.

Smart Square Mercy is an employee-targeted portal that Mercy develops. It is a user-friendly, secure, and safe web-based application that is perfect for any healthcare organization. It provides a personalized dashboard for every member of the staff.

Laboratory Results

It also allows users to access a wide range of benefits. This includes access to health education materials, health care forms, and laboratory results. Its interface enables smooth data flow, which helps in efficient scheduling of core staff. It can be accessed through PCs and laptops.

Using a Mercy Smart Square, you can create a personalized dashboard for every member of staff. This helps you to manage employees, patient information, and schedules. It also allows you to manage your emergency staffing. This portal has a calendar-based interface that is easy to navigate. You can access the app with a laptop, desktop, or cell phone.

Most Popular Mobile Devices

If you use a laptop, you can customize your own calendar to fit your needs. You can also add clients, adjust shifts, and make appointments. The application is mobile-friendly and works well with the most popular mobile devices.

You can also schedule emergency staff, check the status of your patients, and review their medical records. This software is great for all types of healthcare facilities. Its high level of security features keep your patient and staff information private.

Hide Your IP Address

Using Mercy Smart Square software is a good way to manage patient health information and maintain personnel schedules. This software also helps to ensure that patient and staff information remains confidential.

Using this software is a time-saving process. It can help to avoid errors when scheduling appointments and keeping patient records. It is a streamlined process and works well on a PC or a mobile device.

The software offers a range of features including the ability to create a personalized dashboard for each member of your staff. It can also be used to limit access to certain areas.

Final Words:

This software is designed to protect against hackers and to allow you to set up user groups. You can also use the display feature to limit access by registration status.

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