How to Sign in to POC Continulink Point of Care?

You’ve probably already heard about the new POC Continulink software from ContinuLink. If so, you may be wondering how you can sign in to the ContinuLink Point of Care website and begin using the program. Luckily, ContinuLink is always available to assist you, and they have an open line of communication with agencies like yours. The company is also continually updating and tweaking their program to better serve the needs of their end users.

Login to ContinuLink Point of Care

The POC Continulink Point of Care login allows you to manage your practice’s health information. It streamlines billing and patient scheduling processes. It also helps you meet regulatory requirements. Though it requires a lot of setup and configuration, its main benefits include boosting reimbursement cycles, eliminating errors and reducing cost. It also handles multiple business components, such as pediatrics, hospice and private duty centers. Users also mention that it improves cash flow.

The POC Continulink Point of Care login provides easy access to various resources, including social links, troubleshooting steps, and reporting. The company also maintains an open line of communication with its agency to keep its service up to date and responsive to the needs of its users. The company is dedicated to ensuring that its software meets the needs of its customers and aims to offer continuous improvements and support for the system.

Web-Based Application Designed

POC Continulink is a comprehensive web-based application designed specifically for home health care providers. It features specially designed Point of Care devices, integrated telephony, robust billing applications, and HR records.

Download ContinuLink Mobile Edge

To download POC Continulink Mobile Edge, first go to the Google Play store and look for the app. Once you’ve found it, tap the Install button just below the search bar and to the right of the app icon. The installation will begin and you’ll be notified once the process has finished.

If you’re having trouble downloading the app, make sure your WiFi is working and that there is sufficient storage space on your phone. You may also have issues with audio. If so, use headphones to isolate the problem. The app’s server might be down. If you have to re-install the app, you may need to install older versions.

Download ContinuLink Mobile Edge

Another way to download ContinuLink Mobile Edge is to install an emulator. You’ll need an APK file to get started. ContinuLink Mobile Edge is compatible with apps that are 64M in size.

Review of ContinuLink Mobile Edge

If you’re in need of a medical application on your mobile device, you might want to check out ContinuLink Mobile Edge. It’s available for both mobile platforms and Windows PCs and lets you monitor your health and wellness information on the go. However, it’s important to know a few things before downloading this app.


One of the most notable features of ContinuLink is its robust EVV capabilities. This feature helps increase documentation accuracy, streamline scheduling, and improve the patient experience. Additionally, the Mobile Edge app comes with a powerful AI chatbot, EMMA, which streamlines communication between patients, physicians, and caregivers. This allows caregivers to stay HIPPA-compliant and to track patient information and tasks in real time.

ContinuLink has several integrations with popular accounting and payroll modules. ContinuLink also lets caregivers use their client phones for verification and homecare visit reminders. It also provides medical practitioners with complete visibility of caregiver schedules. The system also provides notifications to caregivers, including no-show alerts, as well as reports that help assess the health and performance of their business.

Cost of ContinuLink Mobile Edge

ContinuLink Mobile Edge is an android emulator app. The app can be downloaded from Google Play. The app has the ability to support android apps that are up to 64 MB in size. To use the emulator, you need to first download the APK file from Google Play. Once you have downloaded the APK file, you can now install it on your smartphone.

The ContinuLink mobile application is an integrated EVV solution, including a scheduling component, that enables caregivers to better coordinate patient care. It provides location accuracy, real-time communication, and care planning. It also integrates with other software systems, such as EMR systems.

Final Words:

ContinuLink is a leader in delivering powerful EMR solutions, simplifying processes in the clinical, financial, and back office areas. ContinuLink’s mobile application, ContinuLink Mobile Edge, helps caregivers to record time, location, and services in a single, convenient mobile application.

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