The Easiest Way to Land A NYS Stem Scholarship

The field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) continue to grow, and therefore the industry needs more talent. According to the Smithson center for science education, nearly 2.4 million jobs in the STEM industry were not filled. To fill these job opportunities, prospective undergraduate students are expanding their courses in this field. 

However, selecting a course for study alone is not enough; we should also consider that these students can finance their education to reach their goals. 

Here is where the NYS STEM scholarship comes in and gives students access to over 25 STEM-focused programs. The tips below will guide you in your STEM scholarship application.

Gather The Requirements

Almost all applications have certain basic requirements. However, these requirements may differ depending on the type of application you are making. When applying for the NYS STEM scholarship, ensure that you have your updated CV or resume ready. 

Also, have a copy of your recent academic transcripts, get permission from the referees, and their contact information. You can adjust these requirements depending on the specific NYS STEM scholarship program you would like to apply.

Organize and Keep Track of the Details

If you are making multiple applications, managing them and keeping track of each deadline can be difficult when you don’t have a proper organization. To do this, you can have a notebook or create a spreadsheet where you can write down the basics and the progress for each application you are making. 

Remember to include the application source, name, contacts, and submission deadlines in your document. Create a checklist for the required materials for each application to ensure you have included all the attachments. Also, indicate the ones you have submitted, the submission dates, and the ones you have yet to submit.

Write The Application Flexibly

If you write multiple applications, requirements such as cover letters, personal statements, and a CV may take time to prepare as they need more customization to write effectively. But to save time, you can create a base version for each document required; then, you can keep editing depending on the requirements for each NYS STEM scholarship application.

Review Your Applications Twice or Thrice

Once you have written your application and gathered the required materials, go to the original NYS STEM scholarship application guideline and ensure you have satisfied each section of the application. If you find an error or a mismatch, correct it; once you complete reviewing it, it is time to submit.

Have A Copy of Every Submission

Making a copy of each submission is important as it helps you keep track of your applications and is very useful if discrepancies arise. For instance, if the team reviewing your application needs a point of clarification, you can easily refer to your copies. You also have a copy to resubmit if there are technical issues during your NYS STEM scholarship application submission.


To have an easier time applying for the NYS STEM scholarship, gather all the requirements, organize your applications, keep track of every detail, and write flexibly. Before submitting your application, review it twice or thrice to check for any errors or mismatches. Also, make a copy of your submission for reference.

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