Justin Goldsby Apologizes to Victims of His Crimes

Despite spending time in jail and foster care, Justin Goldsby has made an effort to apologize to the victims of his crimes. He has admitted to abusing drugs and has apologized to the families of the victims. Goldsby’s mother was a drug addict, and he lived in ten foster homes before he was able to stay clean. However, once he was able to return home, he quickly became addicted to drugs.

Avis Goldsby

According to the Washington State Department of Corrections, Justin Goldsby and Avis Goldsby should not share a cell. This is because sharing a cell can create a hostile environment for both men. The two prisoners should be separated by gender, and a hostile cellmate can be dangerous to one’s health. But it is unclear whether the two men were screened for their relationship before being placed in the cell. Police have questioned the motives behind the violent attack. Goldsby claimed that he attacked Munger after seeing photos of him raping a woman. Goldsby has apologized for his actions and said he would not do it again.

The sentencing hearing was also tense. Both Goldsby and his brother have a history of violence. They had abused their sister as a child and had multiple fights with correctional officers. As a result, they were transferred to several prisons. While in prison, one of their cellmates was the same man who had sexually molested Goldsby’s sister. The brothers later apologized to the victims’ families and expressed regret for their actions.

Entertainment Industry

Justin and Avis Goldsby are related, and are both 42 years old. Both men are involved in the entertainment industry. Justin Goldsby has also been a successful businessman. His children, Avis Goldsby and Niecko Goldsby, are very famous.

Goldsby has a long criminal history. He was convicted of killing his younger sister. He had previously been arrested for stabbing a girl and rapping another girl. At his sentencing, he apologized to the family. He was transferred to another prison in Washington.

Drug Addict Mother

Justin Goldsby was raised by a drug addict mother and was abused by her. He spent years in foster care before committing crimes. He was later sentenced to more than 25 years in prison. Goldsby apologized to his victims and his cellmates at the sentencing hearing. He is serving his time at the Airway Heights correctional facility in Washington state.

Avis Goldsby and Justin Goldsby, who are siblings, are serving time for second-degree murder. Justin Goldsby admitted to the crime of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. A state prosecutor presented photos of Justin Goldsby attacking the woman, who later died. The pair exchanged words before they attacked the woman and took her life.


Justin Goldsby was a juvenile when he committed the crimes, but he had a long criminal history. He had at least twenty altercations with correctional officers. His was transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Center in June 2020. He apologized to his victims and to their families. His and his sister were sentenced to more than three years in prison for killing their younger sister.

After being sentenced, Goldsby was transferred to Airway Heights prison and ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family. The amount of restitution will be determined at a later date. Goldsby will also be ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family upon release.

Justin Goldsby served more than three years in prison for killing his sister. The two had previously been involved in a drug deal. Justin Goldsby had a history of violence, including stealing a state trooper’s car. In addition to this, he and Shane had a history of violence. Shane had a history of drug abuse and assault. He grew up in foster care with his mother who was an addict.

Foster Home

After growing up in a foster home, Goldsby was introduced to drugs. His abuse of drugs continued and he eventually killed the woman. Justin Goldsby’s sister, Avis Goldsby, was with him when the crime was committed. They allegedly hit the woman fourteen times and stomped her four times on her head. The woman died three days later.

Goldsby’s mother was a drug addict, and the child spent several years in foster care before being adopted. Goldsby’s mother later reconnected with him and began drugging. At 22, Goldsby was put into prison and later transferred to Airway Heights prison.

Justin Goldsby’s background is very complicated. His drug-addicted mother abused the child. He was in and out of foster homes for years. His biological mother, Niecko, reconnected with her and began using drugs again. He eventually pleaded guilty to drug crimes and spent more than four and a half years in jail.

Final Words:

Avis Goldsby’s history of abuse of women is also complicated. He has committed numerous crimes and assaulted several women. During his sentencing, Goldsby apologized to his former foster family for the crimes he committed as a child. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, three years of parole, and restitution to the Munger family.

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