The Justin Goldsby Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison For killing

This article explores the circumstances surrounding the murder of Munger and the defense’s argument that Justin goldsby is innocent. It also explores his relationship with his cellmate. While Goldsby could not read the sentence, his lawyer read it for him. Goldsby spent his life being abused by his drug-addicted mother. After being placed in 10 foster homes, he reunited with his mother and began taking drugs. By the time he turned 22 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison, he was already in prison.

Family Maintains He Was Innocent

Justin Goldsby’s family maintains he is innocent of the murder of David Munger, but the evidence shows otherwise. Goldsby has been in jail for over three years, ever since a joyriding incident left him in a coma. He was transferred to Airway Heights prison after completing an inmate reform program, and his sentence was reduced to 25 years. He has also been ordered to pay restitution to the Munger family upon his release. Goldsby had a long history of child abuse. He had raped his younger sister and had possessed child pornography.

Goldsby mother was a drug addict and he spent ten different foster homes before being adopte by a family. When he was a young boy, his mother would abuse him and send him to a foster home. He spent several months in the child welfare system before being reunited with his mother. Goldsby reportedly had no memory of the murder, but did confess to a history of violence and a history of physical abuse. During the sentencing hearing, he apologized to the family of the victim.

Abusing a Police Officer

Justin Goldsby was sentence to 25 years in prison after killing Munger, a man he had known for four years. Goldsby had been in prison before for abusing a police officer and stealing a car. He had also been involve in twenty altercations with correctional officers. In June, he was transfer to the Airway Heights Correct Center. Goldsby has since apologized to Munger’s family and apologized for the incident.

The Washington State Patrol conducted an investigation into the incident and found that corrections staff followed protocol when they interacted with Goldsby. The investigation also found no evidence that the corrections staff knew of a conflict of interest between the men or that they had attempted an escape. The witness to the initial interaction said that the two men were talking about Goldsby’s mother and that there was no attempt to transfer him out of the cell.

State Patrol Investigation

A Washington State Patrol investigation into the incident found that there was little the corrections staff could have done to prevent the murder. Both men used different last names, which made it difficult to suspect them of knowing each other. However the Depart of Correct said all protocol were followe in the months before the incident. They hope that Goldsby will have a successful reformation process once he has served his prison sentence.

The Washington State Department of Corrections has ordered both men to serve at least 25 years in prison. The two men shared a cell, which is against the rules of prison living. However, the two men had no known connection prior to sharing a cell. Munger was unconscious when Goldsby attacked him. He punched him fourteen times and stomped on his head several times. The attack was caught on tape and both men have apologize to Munges family.

Different Correctional Facilities

The relationship between Justin Goldsby and his cellmate at Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington State has been the subject of a Washington State Patrol investigation. The investigate found that the two men had more than 20 altercations had been transfer to different correctional facilities and did not have any prior relationship. They didn’t share the same last name and Golds by never sought to be transfer out of his cell.

Goldsby and Munger were fighting in Goldsby’s cell for several months before the killing. This was against prison policy, which prohibits the same cellmates. Goldsby attacked Munger from behind in the common area of his cell and punched him at least 14 times. He also kicked Munger’s head several times. After the attack, Goldsby apologized to Munger’s family. Goldsby said that he had grown up in an abusive household and became addicted to drugs.

Last Words:

Goldsby had spent many years in foster care in Washington state. He was also previous charge with rape a girl and stabbing another person. His sentence of 25 years was reduce to the minimum because his wife would not live to see him finish his prison time read more.

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