A Roadside Bomb Kills Sargent Major Steve Spc Deweese

Sargent Major Steve Parker served with the 2nd Battalion. He and also Spc David Deweese were killed in an explosion during a routine patrol in southern Afghanistan. Both were Humvee drivers. While the Humvee is an excellent vehicle for combat missions, it also carries a high level of vulnerability to roadside bombs.

Explosion During World War II

Spc Deweese Major Parker served in the 2nd Battalion and also was killed by a roadside explosion during World War II. He was a decorated soldier who served his country honorably. His family is very proud of him. He is remembered by his fellow soldiers and also their families.

In addition to Sergeant Major Parker, seven other soldiers, including PFC David Valenzuela, were killed. Each soldier served in a different company. The 5th Battalion is part of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team. In Ramadi, the 2d Battalion was stationed. It was in Ramadi at the time of national elections. Unfortunately, only a small number of voters showed up to vote.

Squadrons Fought in Batangas Province

The 11th ACR was led by Donn A. Starry. He was the 41st COLONEL OF THE REGIMENT and assumed command on 7 December 1969. The regiment was given 72 hours to prepare for a major offensive. The First Squadron fought in Samar Province while the Second and also Third Squadrons fought in Batangas Province. The 11th Cavalry Regiment also fought while dismounted. One of its members, Private Clarence L. Gibbs, was the first member of the unit to be named to the Roll of Honor.

The National Guard soldier was from Wind Gap, Pennsylvania. His was attached to the 228th Brigade Support Battalion out of Bethlehem. He attended the Career Institute of Technology in Pen Argyl. He was 33 years old and was married with two children.

Still Being Investigated

The US Army has not publicly revealed what caused Spc. Derek Holland also to die, but it’s believed he was killed by a roadside bomb. His death in southern Afghanistan is still being investigated. The roadside bomb was placed by a local Taliban group.

Holland’s death is a tragic event. In addition to being a soldier, he was also a father and also a husband. His son and wife are now left without him. His family lost a great son. They are in a terrible state.

Ranger Unit Under Fire

His family is devastated by the loss of their loved one. His had only been in Afghanistan for two weeks. He planned to propose to his girlfriend when he returned home. He was on his way to support an Army Ranger unit under fire.

United States Marine Corps Sargent Major Steve spc DeWeese was killed by a road side bomb in Iraq. He was killed along with five other Marines in his platoon. His had been on a tour of duty in Iraq for a year. He had been training Iraqi police officers. He was a New York Yankees fan and also loved fishing.

Deweese was from Putnam County, West Virginia. He graduated from Poca High School in 1984. After completing his military training, he joined the United States Army and also West Virginia Army National Guard. He earned several medals and also was awarded the Legion of Merit. He served alongside Schweinfurt’s 1st Battalion in Iraq. In 1918, his batt was the first to be attacked by German forces.

Waterproof Electronics

Deweese was a 22-year-old Marine who served in Iraq as a Humvee driver. He was killed in action near the city of Samarra, Iraq. The Humvee is a light, four-wheel-drive military truck with waterproof electronics and is used by the US military. Many other countries have also adopted this type of vehicle.

Sargent Major Steve spc dewelse was a Humvee driver with the United States Marine Corps. He was 22 years old, and had just completed a tour of duty in Iraq. He served with his platoon, training Iraqi police officers. Outside of the military, he loved fishing, and also was an avid New York Yankees fan.

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Deweese had just joined the Marine Corps, and he was just 22 years old when he was killed in a car bomb in Iraq. He had been in Iraq for one year, and had been assigned to a platoon that trained Iraqi police. He was a lifelong Marine, and he loved baseball and fishing. His also loved to work in his yard read more.

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