Different types of Toolbox Organisers

Keeping your tools in order and accessible in your toolbox is greatly aided by the use of Tool Box organisers. Most toolboxes include a couple of removable trays, while some have a wide range of pockets, slots and in-built containers. Tool Box organisers add an extra level of convenience as you work, as well as provide better maintenance for all your essential pieces of hardware. 

Toolbox organisers come in a variety of designs with a range of qualities to suit your chosen tool container while keeping your essential equipment safe and secure.

Try a tray for pliers, sockets and spanners

Adding an organiser tray to your toolbox provides you with more space to store fuses, cables, small accessories like nuts, bolts and screws as well as sets of spanners, screwdrivers and drill bits.  The style of tray you choose depends on the tools your business utilizes. 

Trays are designed for pliers; socket sets; and spanners. Spanner organising trays come with pre-printed labels and enable different-sized spanners to be carefully stored for easy accessibility.  Plier storage boards, or racks, provide slots for every type of plier that you require for your business. Socket organisers are varied in design with some offering magnetic socket holders. All organiser trays are made to fit into standard toolbox sizes. 

Tool holder for Tool Cases

GO Basic Tool Case

This tool holder will keep your tools together and intact with an interior organiser that is available in the loop, module or pocket designs. The organisers include an A4 size document partition, a removable tool board with either front and back elastic loops, three module sections or twenty-two tool pockets, and a removable cover board for the bottom tray with tool holders. 

Rhino tool case

The toolbox organiser for the Rhino tool case comes in either module or pocket designs. The pocket boards include twenty-three tool pockets on both sides and a fifteen-pocket board for the base.  

Individual plastic tool organisers with elasticated loops for screwdrivers or pliers are also available.   

Compartmented organisers 

These useful boxes are perfect for storing and carrying multiple smaller parts in their own compartments, complete with tight closing lids. Nails, screws, earplugs, bolts, and other accessories and items can be easily organised in a container set that fits safely into your tradies’ toolboxes. 

Foam and liners give tools a soft landing

Foam inserts offer thick, soft protection and a stable place to store tools with easily damaged blades or parts, including power tools. PCV liners are also available to keep tools sharp and prevent slipping or scratches. The liners also protect your equipment from moisture.

Toolbox organisers are a clever and simple way to improve the organisation of your toolbox. Your array of large and small tools, power tools and all accessories that go with the job like ear and eye protection, gloves, cables and Multimeters, can be kept safely stored and available when and where you need them 

For more information about toolbox organisers as the experts and RSOnline. 

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