What are the Benefits of Using Videos in Education?

In the last few years, the development in technology has brought some major changes in the field of education; earlier the conventional ways of education like teaching in the classroom and learning from books were considered the only ways of teaching and learning. However, as online education came various ways of teaching-learning are being used especially after the pandemic. One of such popular and the most used methods is using video to teach and learn; videos are considered the best way to teach anything to the students. They are attention-grabbing and interactive. In recent studies, it has been observed that teaching students using videos increased their grasping power of concepts and the visuals make it easier for them to retain the learned things for a longer period, than the books. That is why the teachers are learning and getting trained through programs and courses like the CBSE training portal and online courses to create educational videos for students to learn.

Here are some benefits of using videos in education. 

Engaging for All Ages: The major benefit of using videos in education is that it doesn’t only engage the younger students but the older ones too in the learning. While teaching the students in elementary or middle school, the problem teachers face is the lower attention span of students towards learning but using animated videos to teach them grasps their attention and makes teaching easier for teachers. In the case of high school students, videos make the comprehension of the complex concepts easier, for example, instead of teaching the photosynthesis process from books teachers can explain the whole thing with the help of video.

Enhances Mental Skills: In traditional learning methods students read from the books then they understand or teachers explain things to them, but when videos are used in teaching students are listening, watching, reading and understanding at the same time. This enhances students’ mental abilities as it develops their multi-sensory learning, watching educational videos also makes students curious to learn more and gain in-depth knowledge about the topics which develops problem-solving skills in them. 

Accessible: The traditional learning resource books are a good way of learning, but they aren’t widely accessible. This is not the case with the videos. Once teachers have created a video they can share it with anyone around the world, this makes video widely accessible for students who can’t buy books to learn. Students can watch videos from anywhere at any time and can even download them and watch them offline too, this ensures that every child who wants to learn gets an education with just a few simple clicks. 

Teaches Digital Literacy: In this digital world, it is important for students to learn about different tools and resources of technology that can be helpful for them. Schools and teachers help in providing an inadequate environment and instruction for this purpose, when students are taught using tools like videos they learn that videos are not just for entertainment purposes but have educational purposes too. And regular exposure to the technology and its tools make students proficient and responsible while using them. 

Facilitates Personalized Learning: Each student present in a class is unique and different from the other, they all have different learning needs, paces and methods of learning. In traditional classroom teaching, teachers have to use general teaching methods to teach all students because of which the special learning needs of students couldn’t be met. However, since the technology and tools are being used in education, personalized learning of students has become possible. Teachers can create video content which fulfils the learning needs of every child, for example, adding the option of multi-language captions makes the content understandable for other language students or creating short videos to make learning easy for short-attention-span students and interesting for the other students to watch.

Original Content: Teachers create videos keeping the needs of students in mind, this gives it the edge of uniqueness. Such contents act as motivational quotes for students as they feel special learning from videos that are specifically created to fulfil their learning needs. Thus, encouraging students to interact and engage with videos promotes learning.

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