Volleyball Anime Characters – Toru Oikawa

While many volleyball fans have compared Oikawa to a cocky, entitled ego, these individuals may be missing the true essence of this talented player. This article will explore the inner struggles that make Oikawa who he is. You’ll learn how he overcame his fears and made it big on the court, all while setting up a wonderful ending. What do you think about Oikawa?

Oikawa has a huge ego

Oikawa is a complicated character. His yandere behavior is easy to hide because he is an excellent student and very popular. However, if you really want to get to know Oikawa, you need to understand his psyche. If you are a fan of anime, you should consider reading the manga, because the manga is a good way to learn about the character’s personality.

The anime adaptation of Oikawa features the aforementioned trait. The character has a huge ego. He takes pride in his accomplishments and is resentful of those who do it for their own benefits. This makes him an extremely petty character, and his dislike of Kageyama is particularly grating. Even though both Ushijima and Kageyama have been friendly to him, Oikawa seems to be the aggressor.

He compares himself to others in tosses

To succeed in volleyball, you have to learn the skills of the setter, right? Well, Oikawa is no different. But he knows the team so well that he can bring out their best qualities. His talent was not taken for granted, and he asks for help only when he realizes that he needs it. Here’s how he learnt how to make that happen.

First, Oikawa remembers that talent does not always show up right away. He reminds himself that it can show itself in the future, and he tells Yahaba and Watari about it. When he finds them, they’re shocked to find him comparing himself to others. Oikawa makes mistakes and fails to get the better of them, but he is also perceptive.

He is a hard worker

Toru Oikawas is a very hard worker. He has a lot of ambition and is able to overcome many obstacles with hard work. His friend iwaizumi, who is also known for beating up oikawas, is an example of this. Iwakan calls Oikawas out for his overwork and overthinking about improving. However, this doesn’t stop Oikawa from striving for success.

Oikawa is a third year student and is desperate to reach the Nationals. He is the childhood best friend of Iwaizumi, and the two have been playing volleyball for many years. Iwaizumi jokes that if he isn’t playing well, Oikawa is the only person on the team that is capable of beating him. Despite this, Oikawa is a hard worker who cares about the team.

He is a setter

Oikawa is a talented and hard-working setter. His ability to use his teammates efficiently is one of the main reasons he has the ability to become a top-class setter. By using his communication skills and game experience, Oikawa has made himself a better setter than his counterpart Kageyama. Kageyama, on the other hand, is a talented and hard-working player, but his innate talent is lower than Oikawa’s. In addition to overcoming the lack of talent, Oikawa knows that he can’t compete against him alone.

His skills as a setter have led to him being named captain of the Aoba Johsai volleyball team. He was an ace setter for Kitagawa Daiichi and was awarded the Best Setter Award by Miyagi prefecture. His team is currently focusing on him as the main focal point of their game. In addition to setting, Oikawa is an exceptional offensive player, bringing power and speed to the net.

He has a rivalry with Kageyama

It’s no secret that Oikawa and Kageyama have a healthy rivalry. Both are exceptional volleyball players. But their approaches to the game and their respective positions are quite different. This rivalry provides both athletes with a good source of motivation and drive. Let’s explore the similarities and differences of these two players. You might be surprised by what you discover! Read on to learn more about these two great athletes and their rivalry.

Final Words:

The relationship between Oikawa and Kageyama extends beyond senpai-kouhai. Despite their similar ages, they are always trying to outdo each other. While Kageyama is an insurmountable wall, Oikawa is driven to excel in the sport and to win. His team failed to beat Kageyama in the National finals. The rivalry between the two athletes is one of the highlights of the Japan men’s volleyball scene.

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