JiDion – Everything You Need to Know

If you have ever wondered what JiDion’s real name is, you are in luck! This article will reveal everything you need to know about the YouTube sensation. Among other things, this article will tell you about his YouTube channel and music video with GaryShawn. Lastly, it will tell you about his Twitch account. This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything about JiDion. There’s more to know about JiDion than you might think.

JiDion’s real name is Jidion Adams

YouTube sensation JiDion’s real name is actually Jidion Adams. In his Instagram live streams, he claims that police are investigating him for arson, despite the fact that he hadn’t used the bathroom for three days. The cops eventually arrested him and questioned him about his arrest. Arson does not necessarily mean to set a fire, but it does mean to damage property.

In a series of videos, JiDion has posed as a student to gain popularity on YouTube. In one video, he took notes with a typewriter while posing as a student at Harvard University. Despite being banned from Harvard, JiDion’s popularity has continued to rise. His prank videos and hilarious humor have earned him a large following on YouTube and social media.

JiDion has a YouTube channel

The YouTuber JiDion was born on 12 December 2000 in Houston, Texas. He is an American citizen and believes in the religion of Christianity. He completed his schooling at Local High School in Houston and attended the Local University in Houston, Texas. He graduated from both schools in 2022. After graduating from college, he started his YouTube career. JiDion’s videos have over six million views.

JiDion is an American YouTube star. He was born on December 12, 2000, and started posting vlog-style videos in the late 2010s. His videos are often cynical and humorous, and his subscribers number over one million. The YouTuber has a large subscriber base, with more than two million subscribers as of late 2021. However, there is little known about his personal life.

JiDion has a music video with GaryShawn

In October 2021, JiDion has released his official music video with GaryShawn. The video has already surpassed 2 million views on YouTube. JiDion is a teenager from the United States. He was suspended from school one time for violating his probation. His music videos have attracted the attention of popular Twitch streamers. JiDion is an active member on Twitter and has a following of 65k. He has also created a Facebook page, although it is only active for a few hundred followers. He introduced himself as Demarcus Cousins III. His music video ‘Thick Chicks’ was released in October 2021 and has since received more than two million views.

Although he is best known for prank videos and his vlogs, JiDion has recently stepped into the music industry by recording a music video with GaryShawN. The music video features a track called “Freak,” which was originally a rap song by GaryShawn. JiDion also collaborated with GaryShawn on the single “Try to Break My Heart” featuring XXXX.

JiDion has a Twitch account

You may be wondering, “Does JiDion have a Twitch account?” Well, the answer is yes, he does. Originally, the streamer was banned from Twitch for 14 days. However, Twitch has since changed their decision and banned him permanently. This ban may not be permanent, but it is definitely an inconvenience for viewers. The ban does not apply to other users, but it does affect JiDion.

JiDion’s Twitch account is not the only reason he has been banned from the site. He has been criticized for tweeting threats at Twitch HQ. JiDion also wants more consistency from Twitch employees. Then again, he doesn’t believe Twitch is biased because of its gender. As for his recent news, he is now looking for a boxing opponent and wants to get into the ring again.

JiDion has 65k followers on Twitter

If you’re a fan of pranks and random comedy videos, you’ve probably noticed JiDion’s Twitter account. He started posting videos in July 2018 and has been uploading them ever since. His videos focus on pranks and random comedy vlogs, and have gained quite a following. In October 2018, JiDion had over 100k followers on YouTube. By the end of the year, he had hit one million subscribers.

Final Words:

The popularity of JiDion’s videos has led to him receiving hate messages on social media from fans. Recently, the video creator was banned from Twitch for spamming a chat room with messages and insults. The video was cut short and JiDion’s streamer, Pokimane Anys, was forced to end the livestream early due to the backlash. His fans have also sent him threatening messages online. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, another popular Twitch streamer, has also threatened legal action against Anys.

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