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Ibuki Mioda is a student at Hope’s Peak Academy’s Class 77-B, and a participant in the Killing School Trip. She holds the title of Ultimate Musician. She possesses several unique qualities. The most notable of these is her flirtatious nature. This article will discuss her other qualities. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of her most notable traits.


Ibuki Mioda is a student of the Hope’s Peak Academy. In the anime series, he is known as the Ultimate Musician. Despite being a minor character, Ibuki has made a considerable impact on the anime world. While he is very enthusiastic and cheerful, he is also unintentionally cruel and gullible at times. His unique character design and sharp hearing help him identify Teruteru as the murderer.

The character is a pervert who likes to play the silly part of the game. Although she is a good resource for her group, Ibuki is easily distracted, and often uses her cleverness against her own friends. She also has a strong sense of justice. But she does have a temper and does not always act as a good leader. For this reason, she does not make the best ally.


Ibuki is an adolescent girl with an eccentric personality and an unorthodox appearance. She was one of her classmates’ brightest and most outgoing students. She loves to sing and talk on tangents, and she writes notes and memos to remind herself of important things. Her boldness and cheerfulness caused her to become one of her classmates’ most popular teachers, and she also encouraged her students to follow their passions.

In the series, Ibuki is a student at Hope’s Peak Academy. She is part of the Light Music Club and has a punk and hard rock style. She originally joined a band and decided to take it solo. However, she had always wanted to be a rock star, and she was influenced by the band that she played with. As a result, she is often compared to the late-nineteenth century British band The Beatles.

Flirty nature

Ibuki Mioda has a very flirty nature. She loves to be flirty with girls, especially the ones of the same sex. She is also fond of calling other girls “cute” and expresses her feelings for a few of them. She often calls other students “bandmates” and requests that they join her band. While this can be considered a bit over the top, Ibuki’s flirty nature is not entirely repressed.

Her flirty nature is very apparent throughout the series. Although she is very hyperactive, she is very talkative and can sometimes go on tangents. She wears a black skirt and white shirt, and also wears a light pink tie. She also wears a yellow pointed bracelet on her left hand and a necklace. She is also known for her flirtatious and fun personality, and she is always sure to put on a show for you.

Musical talent

Ibuki has been singing for quite some time. She has also performed in the Music Room of her school, and at the end of the semester, she even plays a heavy metal song with her guitar. She plays guitar with such skill that it can be a flamethrower or grill meats! Though most of her classmates were disappointed, her homeroom teacher liked her. This shows that she has the potential to be a great musician.

Ibuki Mioda is an energetic and outgoing girl who has a great musical talent. In her first trial, she uses her musical talent to solve the case. She even has the ability to create stage costumes, and her concert outfits are some of the best on the island. Mioda also has great hearing and superpower listening abilities, which makes her a good listener. She also has an incredible voice, which she uses in her singing.

Attraction to Peko

Ibuki Mioda has always been drawn to Peko, but his attraction to her goes beyond a mutual admiration for music. He has also admired Peko’s strong personality, which he finds cool. Peko doesn’t like Ibuki’s excessive energy, but he tolerates it. He is interested in Peko’s art, as it is similar to his own.

Final Words:

This ship was first drawn with similarities in their characters. For example, both wear a sailor’s uniform and have silver hair, but Peko’s outfit is primarily white while Ibuki’s is mostly black. Peko’s outfit matches her ribbon, but they are different enough to be considered opposites in their own right. However, fans of both manga and anime may find differences between these two characters, and Ibuki’s attraction to Peko is less well-developed.

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