QVC and Home Shopping Network Merge

QVC is an American free-to-air television network and flagship shopping channel specializing in televised home shopping. Owned by the Qurate Retail Group, the network is one of the leading home shopping channels in the world. Founded in 1977, QVC has expanded into other media, including the Internet and mobile devices. Its audience is largely made up of women and men who are looking for the latest fashion trends and must-have items.

Combined Scale & Resources

QVC and Home Shopping Network have announced that they are merging their businesses, creating a new entity called QXH. The move is meant to boost both companies’ long-term growth by leveraging their combined scale and resources. While the companies will have the same name, the companies will retain separate identities. What does this mean for consumers? For the time being, it will mean less competition, fewer disruptions, and higher revenue for both companies.

Both HSN and QVC have distribution networks. If you plan to sell on HSN, you will have to follow the rules for shipping and fulfillment. Not following these guidelines could result in expensive chargeback penalties. With QVC, you will need to coordinate with the network to drop ship products of a larger size. Both platforms have an enormous audience and a wide range of products. Both are worth checking out. But which one is the better choice?

Third Largest E-commerce Site

Both companies are facing a challenging time in their online sales. Despite the tough economy, both HSN and QVC still generated more than $8 billion in sales in 2017. While HSN has experienced a decline in sales, QVC still generates a great deal of revenue. Last year, the combined company raked in $3.5 billion and eight billion dollars. Once combined, the new entity will be the third largest e-commerce site in the world, behind Amazon and Walmart. In the next several years, the combined companies are expected to generate $14 billion in annual sales.

Despite their differences, both companies are looking for ways to compete in a highly competitive marketplace. QVC’s online presence will continue to grow. Ultimately, the new company will be stronger. The combination will give consumers a better experience when shopping for home goods. And in the end, it’s all about maximizing profits. In this merger, the companies are not only merging but will also merge the two home shopping networks under one brand.

New Streaming Service

As part of the new streaming service, both companies have launched their own interactive streaming apps. Comcast currently carries QVC and HSN channels. Both channels are owned by John Malone’s Qurate Retail Group. Streaming apps will allow customers to browse and shop for products right from the comfort of their homes. If you’re looking for more information about how to watch QVC and HSN content, check out the following articles.

Final Words:

Both companies use new technologies to meet customer needs. In the case of HSN, it dialed back the pushiness of its pitches and embraced an aspirational “best girlfriend” approach that appeals to a wide variety of demographics. Moreover, both companies aim to engage customers through customer engagement during on-air segments. In a recent example, Laura Geller’s makeup could be virtually tried on through the YouCam Makeup app.

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