Top 4 Industries to Look for a Job in Dubbo

Are you a college graduate? Maybe you are just deciding on what to major in, or perhaps you are switching jobs. Whatever your situation is, looking for a new job can be a daunting process. Especially if you are leaving a company you have worked with for years.

However, at this very moment, there are plenty of jobs in Dubbo looking for the perfect candidate. You just need to apply before you miss your chance. 

Dubbo employs over 22,957 people and generates an economic output of $7.399 billion. In this competitive economy, it is advantageous to know your options. Read ahead to find out which 4 industries in Dubbo employ the highest number of people. 

Health Care & Social Assistance

The health care industry in Dubbo comprises both the public and the private sector. It includes services like hospitals, medical and other health care, residential care, and social assistance. 

Apart from the more mainstream medical jobs of doctors, nurses, and specialists, these are some options in allied health care and social assistance. 

  • Dentist
  • Chiropractor
  • Dietician
  • Optometrist
  • Ambulance Services
  • Human Service Worker
  • Social Work Assistant
  • Mental Health Aide
  • Child and Aged Care

This industry has seen a significant boom due to the covid pandemic. Nursing, aged and disabled care and personal care work are expected to be the most popular job prospects in the upcoming years. 

Retail Trade   

The retail industry displays and sells new or used goods to customers. This includes everything from food and pharmaceuticals to fuel and furniture. 

In Dubbo, there has been an increase in online trading, convenience shopping and franchising. The retail industry has evolved with the trend and sees a lot of part-time and seasonal employment. 

You need to look out for sectors that are growing in technological advancement. Jobs like sales assistant, retail manager, pharmacist, retail supervisor have upcoming prospects. 

Tip: Look for retail opportunities that are more digitally literate and employ excellent marketing skills. 

Education and Training

This industry involves teaching from preschool to the tertiary sector and training for adult and community education. It also includes support services like curriculum development, design of exams, and evaluation. 

Another aspect of this industry is career counselling, sports coaching, teacher support, and trainee and apprentice services. To get teaching jobs in Dubbo, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, you can avail better prospects with a higher degree. 

If you are looking for lower-skilled jobs, you can look into education aides, general clerks, or private tutorship. This industry is female-dominated, and 60% of the sector consists of full-time employment. This indicates higher job security and fair pay.


Residential and non-residential building and civil engineering fall under this category. This industry also deals with land development, preparation of the site, and building structure services like bricklaying, electrical work, and plumbing. 

Here is a look at the three major sectors.

  • Residential Building: This involves the construction and renovation of houses.
  • Non-Residential Building: Hotels, shops, offices, schools, colleges, factories, hospitals are built in this sector.
  • Civil Engineering: This includes the construction, repair, and maintenance of roads, railways, runways, bridges, and dams.  

To get an edge over your competition, you need to learn about the newer smart technologies and sustainable building practices. This will help you grow in the industry and get you the job of your dreams.

Wrapping Up

You now know about four of the biggest industries for jobs in Dubbo. There are hundreds of jobs within these industries and many more outside. More importantly, there is one for you too. 

Be quick with your applications, make sure you fulfil the requirements and ace the interview. Nothing can keep you from your dream job!

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