Find The Ideal Swimwear for Your Body Type

The vast coastline of Australia has been endowed with beautiful beaches paired with turquoise waters. As per Vogue Australia, it is a delight to cruise this country’s 25,760 kilometres of scintillating sands and explore hidden alcoves along the shores. Looking your best in flattering swimwear is the way to go while travelling this natural treasure trove. 

Here is an encompassing list to help you find your perfect fit!

Every body is a bikini body

Know your body type and what to adorn yourself with when the sun comes out!

Pear Shape

Radiant pear-shapes generally exhibit narrower shoulders, slim waists, paired with wider hips and curvier lower bodies.

Colour-blocking never goes out of style

Pair a plain or monochrome bottom with a patterned or colourful top to highlight your upper body and add visual balance to your gorgeous physique.

Draw attention upwards

Halter tops will help accentuate your waist. Another smart move would be to try on a summery off-shoulder top or go with a cold-shoulder top.

Elongate the legs

High-cut bottoms will add the extra oomph factor and give the illusion of longer legs.  

Apple Shape

Stunning apple-shapes sport petite hips and shoulders with wider busts and midriffs.

Go with that 80s look

High-waisted bottoms teamed with a halter top create the illusion of a cinched waist and longer torso. 

Kool with a Kaftan 

Throw on a stylish kaftan or cover-all for a breezy beach look.

Athletic Shape

These gorgeous bodies have a leaner, straight silhouette with a smaller bust. 

Get playful

Try your style with ruffles, frills, and bold patterns. You can even throw on a crop top or a bandeau.

Enhance your Curves

You can play around with one-pieces that sport asymmetric shaping and keyhole cut-outs, and a deep V-neckline.

Hourglass shape

As the name goes, they have a curvy body with round hips, a full bust, and a narrower waist.

Go with the classics

A cliché is a cliché because it works; a classic bikini top with detailing might just be the way to go. 

Define the silhouette

High-waisted bottoms and sweetheart necklines will help you achieve the desired result.

Inverted triangle shape

Also known as the carrot shape, these bodies have long, slender legs with a fuller bust, narrow hips, and wide shoulders. 

Stripe it up 

Horizontal stripes have always been a classic in creating illusions and will flatter this body type by balancing broad shoulders and widening the hips.

Mix and Match

Separate the bottom and upper half with bold patterns and vibrant colours to form a balanced visual frame.

A brief guide to flattering swimwear styles

Have your pick from this list of tops and bottoms and live your version of Clueless.

Types of Tops:

  • Bandeau top: a perfect choice if you are looking for a form-fitting and strapless option
  • Halter top: this will complement a plethora of body types with ties that extend from your chest to the back of your neck
  • Tankini: a close cousin of a tank top, this extends down to your bottoms, thus offering great coverage.
  • Triangle Top: the classic bikini top, this two-triangle-fabric top will be an instant confidence boost!

Choices in bottoms

  • High-waist: pair these with a variety of tops from high-necks to tankinis; they go well with everything.
  • Briefs: if you are looking for a form-fitting choice, this is the way to go
  • Thong: these iconic bottoms will give you a stunning look.
  • Trunks: swim trunks provide a more casual and loose-fitting look, perfect for the pool or the beach.

Sum it up and swim it out

Vacations are tenfold more enjoyable when you look and feel your best. Nobody should feel compelled to sculpt, tuck or balance their physique. However, relationships with bodies can be complicated, and shopping for swimwear can be intimidating. 

Nevertheless, fashion is about personal choice and embracing your best self in flattering swimwear

Flaunt your body with the perfect swimwear for yourself! 

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