Simple Ways to Download Videos of Your Choice

Gone are the days when you had to tune into televisions or get a DVD to play your desired videos, as now you can watch anything on the internet. The availability of multiple online video streaming platforms has become a blessing for people who are fond of watching videos over the web. However, several people don’t like online video streaming platforms, as they consume a lot of bandwidth, and buffering takes a lot of time. 

For tackling these situations, you might look forward to downloading videos on your device, but that’s easy. 


The main difficulty that users face with it is that the video streaming platforms don’t provide their users with an option to save videos. This is because these web portals don’t want one-time traffic. Moreover, they also want to preserve the work of creators who have uploaded their videos over the web.

So, is there any way to download video clips of your choice in the device’s local storage? Yes! You can save videos to watch them offline in a number of ways. In this blog, we will discuss the simple ways to download videos of your choice. Let’s get started without any further ado!

1. DupliChecker

The best and simplest way to download video clips from any website is DupliChecker’s video downloader. Whether you want to save videos from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or any other video-sharing platform, you can turn to this free video downloader and complete the job in a matter of seconds. The easy-to-use interface of this free video downloader makes the process quite easy for the users, as they don’t need to learn or follow any technical and complicated procedures.

For downloading videos with this online facility, you can access it and paste the link of the video that you wish to download. After pasting the URL of the video, just press the Download button and wait for a few moments. Within no time, this tool will fetch and transfer the video to your device’s storage. This brilliant utility can be accessed through any platform and device due to its compatibility with all kinds of operating systems and web browsers. You can download as many videos with this video downloader as you desire without worrying about paying a penny.

2. 4K Video Downloader

4K video downloader is another amazing way to download videos uploaded over the web. However, unlike DupliChecker, this video downloader is a desktop application that needs to be installed on your PC. After installing the 4K video downloader on your device, you need to paste the link to the video that you want to download. Once you have done it, the tool will fetch results from the web and allow you to save the desired video on your device without facing any hassle. With this downloader, the users can save their videos in the desired quality, including HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K, and 8K. 

3. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager, also known as IDM, is a software program specifically available for Windows users. On your laptop or desktop, you need to install IDM for saving videos of your choice in its default downloads space. Once IDM is launched on your device, you will see a “download this video” popup on almost all kinds of video content over the web. As you will click this button, the download process will initiate. Depending upon the size of the video and your internet speed, the download time will vary with the Internet Download Manager. This option is only available for Windows users.

4. CatchVideo

CatchVideo is another online video downloader that allows you to save videos of your choice from popular video streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. For using this tool, you don’t need to follow hard and fast rules, as it has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it also works in the same fashion as other downloaders; you just need to paste the link of the video and wait for a few seconds to make the tool fetch and transfer the video on your device. However, the popups and ads might disrupt the user experience.

5. 8Downloader

Last but not least option to download videos of your choice is 8Downloader. This online video downloader is one of the best ways to download videos on your device from any website. More than 800 video-sharing domains are supported by this web portal; hence, the users are allowed to save any video they want. You can also rely on 8Downloader for downloading videos without sound.

Bottom Line

So these are the top 5 best and simple ways to download videos of your choice. If you want to go for online video downloaders, then DupliChecker, CatchVideo, and 8Downloader are the perfect ways. On the other hand, if you want to download video downloading software, then the 4K video downloader and Internet Download Manager are the go-to options.

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