A Traditional Voice Through NAIDOC Week

Culture And Heritage Shared Through Connection

During this week, which celebrates the heritage and the culture that permeates the country throughout Australia, a traditional voice is needed. Many elders will share their own stories and pass down things they learned from previous generations, while those in the news and on television are preparing to share their own stories. 

Naidoc Week Events Support Aboriginal Ausralians

Australians Together offer a history of the country and of their own group, as well as information on the culture that was present and that is present today, through their website at https://australianstogether.org.au/resources-2/naidocweek. This allows anyone who is interested in accessing a wealth of information and bringing it to the community around them. Curriculum and information are included for schools, and further education is offered as they work with the NAIDOC to help share the history and current cultures. Throughout the events, the most important takeaways are the stories shared by the elders, the history of the area, and the heritage of those who live in the area. The celebrations are enjoyed for the entire week, with events happening for the public, community gatherings in cities and towns, television presentations, and an awards ceremony for lifetime achievements. The intent of the experience is to focus on tradition, truth, and equality. Each year the events are planned to bring people together and encourage them to work together to create a stronger community. Goals include environmental focus, standing up to racism, and improving the systems that are in place to provide a better life for everyone and equality for all. By working together and amplifying each other’s voices, the community can create a bigger and faster change than anyone working alone. The events that occur throughout the week are in support of Aboriginal Australians. They are able to showcase their art, their talent and share their own experiences with the community around them and across the country. Lifetime achievement awards are given to those who have created change and who have dedicated their time to make things better for other people. Schools, television stations, and news stations all bring the focus to the talented Aboriginal actors, singers, reporters, and more. There are several events that will showcase the talents of people both current and in the past, and their stories and experiences will be shared, bringing the community closer together as they learn about their neighbors and those they watch on television or at concerts and other events. NAIDOC Week gives a voice to those of Aboriginal and Indigenous descent and allows them to share their stories and experiences. This is a necessary week of focus on what could easily be lost to history and culture and heritage that has created the country as it is today. These voices are vital to protecting the heritage of the area going forward, and only through working together can there be a supportive and unified community. 

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