7 Ways You Can Transform A Blank Wall Into A Feature Element

With so many options for feature wall ideas, it doesn’t matter if your living room has an open-plan or is smaller in size. We have compiled a list of ideas that fit a  diverse range of styles, color preferences, and budgets, and can be implemented swiftly without the need for a complete redesign. Take a look ahead to find out some simple ways you can transform your wall into a statement feature. 

Exhibit Your Prized Art

If you have a blank wall that is in need of sprucing up, take this as the prime opportunity to display your favorite art prints. A bold art print or painting can stabilize the color palette of a living room for the majority of the space. A widespread fallacy is that you must precisely match the colors of your room to a work of art in order to work with it. Instead, look to art for inspiration.

Introduce Wall Hangings

Wall hangings come in many shapes and sizes. A well curated collection of wall-hung plates is a lovely alternative to framed images. A collection of vintage patterns, scattered seemingly at random, will complement the surrounding color scheme wonderfully. Alternatively, make it stand out by painting the wall behind it in a color that contrasts sharply with the colors in the plates.

Feature Some Frames

Framing is the tried and tested method of instantly amping up the look of any wall or space. Add some mismatched frames for an eclectic look while displaying your love for your family and near ones. There are no hard and fast rules to framing especially if your wall is already blank. You can be creative and imaginative with the space. 

Murals Are The Way To Go

A feature wall painting of a scenic environment will change a place and catch the imagination.  Wall mural ideas with a single dramatic picture are risky, but reasonable if you’ve previously employed pattern wallpapers.  With the advent of wallpaper, many mural designs are now accessible. Try painting the adjacent walls a color that complements the mural.

Add Some Textured Tapestry

Recent years have seen a significant increase in the popularity of tapestry; during the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who have chosen to invest in this delicate art form for their living room feature wall ideas. It adds texture and a lot of fun.

Create A Feature Bookshelf On A Wall

Good book storage solutions may add a background of color, warmth, and texture to your living room feature wall. Bookshelves may hold more than books if they are deep. Consider utilizing the additional room to showcase other items – a nice alternative to a vitrine or traditional display case. Stacks of books on coffee tables or landings may provide charm.

Go With The Flow 

Choose pieces that seem like they will stand the test of time, both in terms of quality and resistance to fashion’s ups and downs. Rather than looking for items that have an emotional resonance, we recommend choosing pieces that seem like a smart investment – although it’s wonderful when the two things come together.

One of the easiest ways to make a feature wall in your living room seem fantastic without making it appear staged is to choose items that speak to you personally.

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