Point of Care CNA Charting for Long Term Care

CNAs who provide home health care also need accurate and detailed charts to document the patient’s condition. It’s not difficult to create these charts but the process must be documented correctly to avoid malpractice lawsuits. Nurses and other healthcare professionals must use point-of-care CNA charting software to capture all of the critical information about each resident. This software allows nurses to quickly and easily create patient charts from any computer with an internet connection, making it ideal for those who work in long-term care facilities.

Number of Languages

A point of care charting application is the best way to capture all the data related to a resident. With this software, staff can collect data on residents’ activities and health conditions. Its CNA Notes feature helps CNAs write notes on the condition of each resident. This software is available in a number of languages, including Spanish. It makes it easy to input data in any language, ensuring full payment for services rendered.

Important Benefit of POC Charting

Another important benefit of POC charting is its flexibility. With the help of a user-friendly user interface, caregivers can record resident data more accurately and with less risk of missing vital information. Additionally, because the ADLs are a significant component of the PDPM scoring, a minor error in the ADL category can cost a facility between $10 and $40 per day. This is a significant saving for the organization.

Patient Health Record

With the help of Point of Care, CNAs can view a patient’s health record on a tablet or mobile device. By recording critical patient data on this software, CNAs can reduce the chance of missing important information, which is a major factor in the PDPM scoring. One-point difference in an ADL score can mean a difference of up to $40 per resident, which is why it is so important to be as accurate as possible.

Long-Term Care

In addition to making the patient charting process more accurate, the software also allows clinicians to easily collect data on residents. With NetSolutions’ Point of Care CNA charting system, caregivers can add notes in the CNA notes section and attach them to the resident’s record. In this way, they can better track a patient’s progress over time, which is a significant advantage for long-term care providers.

Mobile Device or Wall-Mounted Kiosk

The Point of CARE CNA charting program allows CNAs to access patient records on a mobile device or wall-mounted kiosk. This software allows caregivers to automatically document the conditions of residents in real time. In addition, the Point of CARE program integrates with an EHR to ensure that the caregivers get full reimbursement for their services. Its advantages outweigh its disadvantages, and the system is widely used.

The benefits of POC charting for long-term care are many. The software helps clinicians capture patient data from the residents’ health records. It has an inbuilt CNA notes function, which enables staff to note relevant information about the resident’s condition. Its benefits extend beyond just long-term care settings and is useful in home care as well. Its ability to document the resident’s vital signs is a significant benefit.

Collect & Share Critical Data

POC allows healthcare professionals to collect and share critical data about a resident. It provides a CNA notes function that helps them to record the data of different residents. In addition to its benefits, POC is a patient-centric system that helps improve quality of care in long-term care facilities. In addition, the software supports multiple languages. This means that the system can be used in a variety of settings, including private and public hospitals.


The flexible application is a must-have for CNAs. Its interface allows caregivers to easily input information, and it can be used in any long-term care setting. It is also compatible with other software systems, including EHR. This software helps in compliance with federal regulations. This is the best solution for a CNA. The program can be used in any type of long-term care setting here.

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