Things You Did Not Know About Emily Compagno

In addition to serving as a co-host of the popular reality television show “The Five,” Emily Compagno has also appeared on several FNC shows. She has called out Vice President Kamala Harris and other politicians in recent years and has also been a regular contributor to the Fox News website. Here are a few facts about Emily Compagno. Let’s start with her background. She was born and raised in Oakland, California. She has Italian parents and a German mother. She has two sisters and currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Former NFL Cheerleader

In addition to her work as a CNN analyst, Emily is also a former NFL cheerleader. Besides tackling important issues such as the latest political climate, she has also worked as an attorney and a Fox News contributor. In addition to that, she has lived abroad and has worked as a federal attorney with the Social Security Administration. In addition to her public life, Compagno has also been a member of the Raiderettes and has also advertised charities to support orphans in Africa.

Before working in the entertainment industry, Emily Compagno was a practicing attorney in the Bay Area. While attending law school, she worked at a criminal defence law firm and was a member of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. Later, she went on to work as the Federal Attorney for the Social Security Administration and was also involved in the promotion of the NFL in China and Beijing. As of 2021, her net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million US Dollars.

Successful Co-Host

Apart from being a successful co-host of the “Emmy Compagno Show” on Fox News, Emily Compagno is also a lawyer. Her background in the entertainment industry is varied. She once worked as a corporate lawyer before turning to television. Additionally, she has been a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. After graduating from law school, she married fellow attorney Peter Riley.

Emily Compagno is an American television host and former cheerleader. She appears on the Fox News Channel as a contributor and appears on several other networks. She has been married to an anonymous man for two years, but she married another man in 2017. In addition to her TV career, she also has a law degree. However, there are many things about the journalist you may not have known about her. And in her personal life, there are many interesting details you should know.

Oakland Raiders

The former cheerleader doubled as an attorney. She served as the cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, which is a popular NFL team in California. She also did legal analysis on-air for the team. Her career path was not only natural, but it was also a fascinating one. There are so many things about Emily Compagno that you would never know otherwise. There are numerous facts about her.

In addition to being a lawyer, Emily was also a cheerleader. She served as a captain for the Raiderettes during her teenage years. She met her current husband, Peter Riley, on a Seattle sidewalk. The couple later married in 2006. It’s not known if they were together before or not. After the wedding, the two were friends. The relationship between the two became more serious.

Two Women

While a cheerleader is a popular sport, Compagno doubled her career as a cheerleader. She was the lead cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders, which have a very large fan base in the NFL. She even juggled her legal career with her cheerleading activities. In the end, the two women made their careers very unique. And, while they both have different backgrounds, they were both successful.


A practising attorney, Emily Compagno has traveled to different places around the world. She has worked in San Francisco as a criminal defence attorney before moving to London. She has also been an intern for the Social Security Administration. She has lived in several countries including China. During her time with the Raiderettes, she visited various places, such as South Africa. Moreover, she has traveled to China several times, where she worked as a legal intern here.

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