Casie Colson Baker: Who Does Machine Gun Kelly Date?

We have been wondering for a while now, “Who does Machine Gun Kelly date?” She’s one of the most famous children of the rapper. She’s also her father’s firstborn daughter. In fact, she’s a regular on his Instagram account. Here’s a brief look at her dating history. We’ll also be focusing on her career and studies in the future.

Ex Emma Cannon

Casie Colson Baker is Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter with ex Emma Cannon. During the 2013 Kids Choice Awards, she was spotted holding her rapper father’s hand. He wore a white suit with pearls and a long leather jacket. She matched her dad’s outfit perfectly, wearing a black-and-white ensemble. They seemed like a perfect match as they stood hand-in-hand on the red carpet.

American Music Awards

Casie Colson Baker and Machine Gun Kelly are both involved in music. They met while they were teenagers and were spotted together at the American Music Awards. They also had a daughter together, Casie Colson Baker. Their daughter, Ava, is a regular part of his life and calls him her “cool dad.” She also attends several events with Machine Gun Kelly, and both have been spotted kissing each other.

Casie Colson Baker is in a relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. She’s his ex-wife. The couple got engaged in 2005, but the relationship ended after that. In 2007, the singer and his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon welcomed a daughter, Casie Colson Baker. Both remain friends, and their daughter is still an important part of their lives. They often attend events together, and the youngster has a crush on her father.

First Public Relationship

Aside from Casie Colson Baker, Machine Gun Kelly has also been romantically linked with a few other celebrities. Amber Rose was his first public relationship, and his current partner is Megan Fox. They are a couple who’ve been dating since June 2020. They’ve shared several pictures together, including a picture of the two at the MTV VMAs in September 2017.

Casie Colson Baker has been linked with Machine Gun Kelly for several years. She’s previously dated his former girlfriend Megan Fox. She’s been with him since 2012 and has two children together. She’s also a fan of her ex-husband. Both of them have a daughter, Casie. If they’re dating, it’s possible they’re still dating.

Pop Star’s Daughter

The pop star’s daughter, Casie Colson Baker, has a sister who is the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon. Both of them dated when they were 18 and were married shortly thereafter. But the two separated after a few years, and he subsequently dated several women. The two were also seen attending various events together, including the Grammys and the Blink-182 Tour.

Although there’s no public information available about their relationship, they’ve been spotted together at numerous events. Their relationship has been on the rise since they met in high school. However, rumors about their relationship have not been confirmed yet, but both parties are considered friends. In recent years, they have been photographed at several events together. If they’re dating, then they’ve been seen on several red carpets.

Kids Choice Awards

Casie Colson Baker and Machine Gun Kelly are parents to their daughter, Casie. They met while MGK was just 18 years old at a Blink-182 concert and dated briefly. Afterward, they reunited, and welcomed their daughter, which is now 12 years old. They’re seen together in many events, including the Blink-182 Concert, and the Kids Choice Awards.

Final Words:

Casie Colson Baker and Machine Gun Kelly have two children. They share a daughter, Casie Colson Baker. In addition to her mother, she’s also a musician and actor. She’s engaged to her father but has been in a relationship with her father before. The couple met at a blink-182 concert in 2008 and dated for a short time. The relationship ended in 2015 here.

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