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The official website of is live and updated, allowing users to follow live sport scores in real time. It has been providing live sports scores since 1998 and is trusted by millions of users worldwide. It covers soccer, tennis, cricket, basketball, hockey, and more. Cristiano Ronaldo is the official Global Ambassador for LiveScore. Notifications feature match details for multiple sports, including the Premier League and MLS. In addition, users can manage which matches they want to stay up to date with.

Another popular livescore platform is, which is loaded onto millions of devices in every continent. It is primarily known for its live football scores, but also offers live scores of other sports, including kabaddi and beach volleyball. Because of the simplicity of its interface, has earned a high rating for its fast loading speed and easy-to-use interface. The app is free to download, and it offers a wide variety of sports.

If you are a multi-sport fan, will be of interest. Its live scores are available for tens of different sports, including soccer and tennis. It is designed for users who have multiple interests, including football, kabaddi, beach volleyball, and many others. While is a popular choice for football, it also provides live scores for many other sports, including baseball, soccer, rugby, and golf.

Older Version of App

If is not working, try reinstalling the app or logging in with your social media account. You may have to install an older version of the app if the problem persists. You can also check out the LiveScore: Sports Updates app, which is a good option for Android users. It’s free and satisfies the requirement for live scores. The user interface and design make it easy to use, and it has a convenient interface that makes it easy to navigate.

Apart from football, is also a popular sports scores app that covers hundreds of sports. If you are a fan of multiple sports, you can also download the app. Its extensive coverage of more than 30 different sports can be helpful to you. With, you can also check live soccer results. You can even find the standings and fixtures of other teams and leagues.

App’s User Interface is a popular sports score app that is loaded onto millions of devices on all continents. It offers live football scores, but it also includes scores of other popular sports. The app’s user interface is clean and easy to use, and it provides live football, tennis, and kabaddi. You can also check out the latest scores of other players on the site. You can even keep track of the results of your favorite teams with this app.

Multiple-Sport is an alternative to in both iOS and Android stores. It has more sports than other sports apps, and it is great for sports fans who enjoy multiple-sport. It is available for a variety of devices, including Android and Windows-compatible iPhones and iPads. It has also gained praise for its speed and simplicity. You can download and use it on your phone for free. is another popular sports app, loaded onto millions of devices across all continents. It specializes in football, but also provides live scores for other sports. Its live scores have been praised for their speed, and its user interface is straightforward and easy to use. The site is also a great place to look for fixtures and standings of a team. If you love watching sports, this app will be a great option for you.

30 Sports Leagues offers more than 30 sports leagues, including football. In addition to football, the app also provides live scores for kabaddi and beach volleyball. It is also available for other games, including cricket and rugby. This app is useful for soccer, rugby, and hockey fans. A good sports scores app will let you stay up-to-date on all the major sports, and will provide you with the most accurate results in real-time.

Final Words:

The app is available for all mobile platforms and has nearly six million ratings on Google Play. It covers ATP & WTA tennis as well as the Grand Slams of tennis. Moreover, it features a variety of other content, such as basketball statistics, heatmaps, and basketball score graphs. The app is available for more than 6000 sports, and more than 50 languages. Therefore, if you love sports, this is a great choice.

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