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YouTube Downloader is a desktop software that lets you download videos for offline viewing. It is compatible with any internet browser, and it has a streamlined interface. The only drawback is that it only supports 720P resolution videos, so it can’t download videos in 1080P or ultra HD resolution. It can, however, convert FLV files to popular video formats. YouTube has made it a popular tool among users for all of its advantages.

Recording On-Screen Video

The interface is user-friendly, and you need to enter the URL address of the video to start downloading. The software will handle the rest. Its features are impressive, and you can convert the downloaded video to many popular formats. You can also download large amounts of videos at once if you have a large bandwidth. In addition, some free YouTube downloaders offer features like recording on-screen video, DVD burning, and more.

When choosing a format, you will need to decide whether you want to download a video as music or offline viewing. You can choose between MP3 and AVI for better quality. You can also select the resolution and frame rate for your video. Most YouTube downloader sites allow you to select the resolution and frame rate of the video. For commercial use, you can use the AVI format. The only disadvantage is that the downloader may contain advertisements, but it doesn’t let you save videos with high frame rates.

Windows Media Player

Once you’ve downloaded your video, you can save it in multiple formats. The first format, AVI, is compatible with the VLC player. The second format, MP4, is compatible with Windows Media Player. The file size is also customizable to suit your needs. And, of course, you can choose to download videos in large numbers, but not all free YouTube downloaders allow you to download a large number of files at a time. Some free YouTube downloaders also support converting videos to different formats or allowing you to save audio in different audio tracks.

A free YouTube downloader is useful for several reasons. First, it is easy to use and requires only a URL. You can save videos in MP3 and AVI formats with the click of a button. The audio from the source video will be extracted and saved in different formats. The free YouTube video downloader does not require any signup. It is available on Windows and Mac platforms, but it is available to users of Linux and macOS.

Mac & Windows

The free YouTube downloader can be used on Mac and Windows. Using the software is very convenient. It will download music and videos from YouTube and other popular video sites. You can even convert the videos into different formats. Once you’ve finished, you can store them on your computer for later viewing. And you can always find the same videos on different websites. This means that you don’t need to keep multiple copies of your favorite videos.

There are many free YouTube downloaders available for Mac and Windows users. Some of the best options are the ones with built-in video editing capabilities. You can download and convert videos in any format, from HD to 720p. This tool also allows you to upload subtitles, a great feature for a video downloader. In addition, it supports both Windows and Mac platforms, so you can download YouTube videos in the format you want to save.

Easy Storage

Once you’ve downloaded a video from YouTube, you can transfer it to any device without losing its quality. You can use this tool on both Windows and Mac. It works on all platforms, including YouTube. Just paste the URL of the video in the URL bar of the downloader, and it will take care of everything. The video can be converted to MP3 for easy storage on your computer. If you need to share it with others, you can also share it.

Final Words:

The free version of YouTube Downloader is highly functional. It allows you to save videos in various formats. You can also download videos in MP3, AVI, and other formats. Moreover, this software doesn’t have ads and supports different video file types. Therefore, it is suitable for both commercial and amateur use. You can use it to convert and save YouTube videos. You can also convert them to MP3 or WEBM for later viewing.

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