Who is Sherry Dyson? Details on Her Failed Marriage with Chris Gardner

Sherry Dyson was married to a man named Chris Gardner back in 1977. Sherry was four years older than her husband and was quite academic. They met at a movie theater and fell in love. However, they eventually split up and could not see each other, so they slept on the floor of a public toilet at a railway station and hid under a desk at work. In an interview with The Telegraph, she explained that she spent a lot of time on the phone with Gardner and that he once rang her up at 2 am and got a $900 bill.

Gardner & Dyson

Gardner and Dyson began their relationship in 1977. However, it was not long before he realized that he would need ten years of college to qualify for a medical degree and that he wouldn’t secure a stable job after graduation. This led him to abandon his wife and pursue a career in sales instead. Nevertheless, the two remained friends and eventually divorced in 1986. Unfortunately, their son, Christopher Jarret, was born while Chris and Sherry were married.

Medical Career

Sherry and Chris Gardner were married in 1977 after Chris left his medical career. Although the couple was not married for long, they dated for several years before getting married. In the same year, they got pregnant and married the next year. But after just a few months of marriage, Chris Gardner moved in with Jackie and had another child. They divorced in 1986.

Businessman & Mathematician

Sherry Dyson is a mathematical genius. She must have had a lot of money to support her husband. Her ex-husband was a successful businessman and a successful mathematician. The couple divorced after a year of their marriage. In the following years, she married Jackie Medina. The couple separated, and they had no contact.

Chris Gardner and Dyson lived together happily for nine years in her early life. Both couples were happy, but after he decided to quit his medical career, the couple cheated on each other. The marriage failed after he was caught having an extramarital affair. He had an affair with his girlfriend, Jackie Medina. She gave birth to a child with her husband. The two divorced after only three years.


The divorce process was a messy one. The couple had a child together in 1980, and they married in the same year that Chris Gardner had an affair with Jackie. Sherry later divorced Chris Gardner in 1986, but her son was not named Christopher and was born ten years later. The two divorced after the affair, but it is unclear if her husband cheated on her.

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner were married for nine years, but they split up in 1985. While they were happy together, their marriage did not last long. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner have a son, Christopher Jarrett Gardner. Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce. While she is still a mathematical genius, the couple had little time together.


After her marriage with Chris Gardner, she went on to have an affair. Her son was born on June 18, 1977. When the couple got back together, she became a mathematician and taught math. Her divorce from Chris Gardner took place in 1989. Again, she had a child by the same man who was his lover. During this time, Dyson had her first child with her new husband.


Sherry and Chris Dyson dated for many years before getting married. The couple met in Monroe, Louisiana. After marrying, Chris was a financial expert who worked as a stockbroker for a company. Sherry was a motivational speaker who had a successful stockbroker’s career. In the end, she opted to focus on her work as a motivational speaker.

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