Top Tips to Tow a Car withanother Car

Experts generally agree that towing a car with a truck or a lift/trailer combination is better than any other method, but not everyone has access to these types of heavy equipment. You may be in a remote area where it’s difficult to reach such services. Sometimes you have to improvise and you may wonder can you towa car with your car?

The short answer to this query would be yes, you can tow a car with another car. But there are several factors to consider while doing so. Vehicle towing is best done by trucks or other heavy vehicles but you can even tow a car with another car. Here is a quick look at the factors you need to consider while doing so.

Facts to Consider before Towing

Before going into the details of how to pull a real car, it is necessary to consider a few simple tips.

First, the towing car has to be bigger and heavier than the vehicle being towed. Because it takes a lot of engine power and a lot of braking force to sustain and stop two cars at once. 

Second, make sure no one is in the towed car. It is not only illegal to get a passenger into a towed vehicle, it is also very dangerous. The same rules apply to animals. 

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Third, switch on the ignition on the towed vehicle so that the steering wheel is not blocked. Last but not least, if you are driving at night, turn on the parking light of the towed vehicle so that the driver behind you can see it. 

How to Tow a Car with Chain

Generally, towing the vehicle with a leash or chain should be the last resort and should only be done at local road with low speeds and not on the highway. Knowing how to pull a car with a chain or rope is important if you choose to do this. Do not use old cords or chains. Thin ropes or straps and rust or broken ropes can easily break under stress, creating dangerous situations.

Make sure the rope or chain is not too short or too long. It can also cause problems. Also, if pulled with a chain or rope, don’t stop too quickly, which can damage both vehicles. 

How to Tow a Car with a Dolly

A popular way to tow a car with another car is by using a dolly, which is a small trailer. The doilly keeps the front wheels of the car off the ground, which helps reduce the wear of the tyresof the towed car. The dolly is heavy and can be hired from many moving and storage facilities. 

How to Tow a Car with a Tow Bar

Another option for car-to-car towing is a tow bar, which you can rent if you haven’t already. The tow bar is usually mounted on a towed vehicle with an A-frame structure. Safety straps are required when using tow bars. Also, be careful when you brake and turn at the same time. 

How to Tow a Car with a Trailer

An open or closed towing trailer is the safest and best option for towing a vehicle with another vehicle. In the case of a car hauler, all the four wheels of the car are mounted on the trailer. Just drive the car over the trailer and secure it with ropes and/or chains.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and you may need to tow a vehicle at any time. Mentioned above are the four ways you can use your car to tow another car. Though vehicle towing is best done by trucks or other heavy vehicles, you can tow a car with your vehicle as well. The above four methods of towing a car is standard and you can easily opt for any one of the processes to tow a car. 

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